Our Organization

We work to mitigate the earthquake and tsunami hazard for the North Coast through community preparedness and education.

We are an organization of local, state, tribal and federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and businesses from Del Norte, Humboldt and Mendocino Counties.  

The group was formed in July 1996 to define the needs of local jurisdictions to mitigate the North Coast earthquake and tsunami hazard and to promote a coordinated, consistent mitigation program for all coastal areas. It is a member of California's Earthquake Country Alliance.

Our educational efforts include the development of regionally specific tsunami brochures in English and Spanish and a preparedness magazine series called Living on Shaky Ground

We conduct educational seminars throughout the region. See our Events & Projects.

Our member entities have achieved Tsunami Ready status for six communities in Humboldt County and have utilized community evacuation drills extensively to prepare communities for a real tsunami emergency. They have also taken a leadership role in the annual execution of the largest and most comprehensive test of the tsunami warning system in the nation for the past five years.

And finally, the we have contributed significantly to the mapping of the tsunami risk for Humboldt County and have provided technical support for the installation of over 400 tsunami signs to educate the public about the tsunami zone.