Tsunami Hazard Maps

Tsunami safety begins with knowing where a tsunami might hit. This is the tsunami zone and if you are in the zone, you need to evacuate when you feel a large earthquake.

California Geological Survey Tsunami Web App

This web based application displays all the tsunami hazard zones in one easy to use GIS based interactive map. You can explore the Humboldt County maps by checking out the site! This App can be viewed in your web browser.

Tsunami Hazard Map - Online

Find where you live or work on the maps or use the State’s interactive map at tsunami.ca.gov. If you are in the YELLOW area, plan a safe evacuation route to the nearest green area.

Tsunami mapping identifies areas that could be flooded by a tsunami. The California Geological Survey (CGS) is responsible for creating our tsunami maps. CGS identifies all possible tsunami sources and models the flooding extent. The models are combined to identify a WORST-CASE line. For Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, the largest tsunami is caused by an earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone. CGS then adds an additional factor of safety to the worst-case line, which is the zone you see on maps. A new set of maps for Humboldt County was released in August 2020.

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Humboldt County - Interactive PDF

This map contains all Humbodlt city maps in an interactive PDF. 

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Humboldt Bay Region Tsunami Evacuation Map Index - thumbnail of PDF