ShakeOut & Tsunami Walk

Practicing your drill

We all can practice our earthquake and tsunami drills! 

Join us on October 19, 2023 at 10:19 am for the Great ShakeOut and the Tsunami Walk

See what's happening leading to ShakeOut & Tsunami Day!

Sept 30 - King Salmon Community Tsunami Evacuation Drill

Oct 7 - Gasquet Earthquake Preparedness Community Meeting 3 - 4:30 PM Gasquet Mountain Elementary School 55 Azalea

Oct 9 - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute free online lecture Lori Dengler "The Shaky History of California's North Coast"

Oct 19 - Great ShakeOut at 10:19 am

Nov 5 - World Tsunami Day 

Earthquake exhibit at the Clarke Museum in Eureka October 1 - November 30


What is the Great ShakeOut?

The Great ShakeOut is an annual event held on the third Thursday of October every year. It provides everyone an opportunity to practice their Drop, Cover and Hold On drill in preparation for an earthquake. This drill has been adopted internationally with over 45 million people participating from all around the world in 2022. 

This drill is also a great opportunity to plan for your tsunami preparedness and practice your evacuation drill! Earthquake shaking is your natural warning that a tsunami may be on it's way. Practicing your earthquake and tsunami drills together is a great way to be prepared! 

Download the Grab and Go Bag Checklist Here

While October 19th at 10:19 am is the official day and time of the Great ShakeOut, you can always participate anytime. If you find that the third Thursday doesn't work for you, just pick a time that does. The important thing is to practice! Practice this drill at home, at work, and even at the locations you spend your free time.

This is a great event to do with your family! It helps to alleviate our concerns about a hazard we can't control. 

Join ShakeOut 2023 Drop, Cover & Hold On

How Do I Know When The Drill Starts?

There are many ways to know when the ShakeOut Drill starts this year! 

If you’re signed up for county alerts, then you should be notified via email or phone notification. If you’re signed up with the MyShake app, then you’ll be alerted on your phone. Local radio stations and news outlets will also be covering the drill on their respective platforms. If these methods don’t work for you, set an alarm on your phone for 10:19 am and join us!

Keep in mind, you will not hear sirens go off during this drill.

If you haven’t signed up for MyShake yet, please take a minute to do so! You can download the app through Apple App Store and Google Play. There will be a test of this system this year during ShakeOut to ensure they can reach you.

Sign up for the MyShake app

How Do I Participate?

Participating in this drill can be quick and rewarding! 

The first step is to visit the website and register. This will provide you with some tools to help you as you practice your drill as well as let us know where our participants are joining from! 

Please Register for ShakeOut 2023!

The second step is to practice! Do you know what to do during an earthquake? There are three actions you should take:

Drop cover and hold on steps

Drop to the ground and make yourself as small as possible. 
Cover your head and neck to protect it, and if possible get underneath a study table. 
Hold on to that position until the shaking stops. 


Practice at work!

Practicing your drill at work

Practice at home!

Practicing your drill at home

Practice with your pets!Practice with your pets


Practice in class!

Students practicing their drill in class


Do you have limited mobility?

If you have limited mobility, there’s also steps for you!

If you're using a cane, do your best to safely and carefully drop to the ground, then cover your neck and head to protect yourself, and hold on until it's safe to move. 

If you use a walker or wheelchair, be sure to lock the wheels. Then while seated, cover your neck and head to protect yourself, and hold that position until the shaking slows down enough for you to safely move. 

Drop cover and hold on steps with accessibility in mind


Get Ready to ShakeOut! A PSA from HSU Geosciences Students

Join our Cal Poly Humboldt Geoscience students as they walk you through this drill:



Why Should You Participate?

Earthquakes can happen anywhere and at any time in the United States. Participating in ShakeOut is a good way to prepare you and your family to do the right thing when the ground starts shaking no matter where you live.

Earthquakes can happen anywhere and here we note some damage due to earthquake activity

In a Coastal Zone?

Include Tsunamis in Your Drill!

Tsunamis are a possibility if you’re located near the coast. Take a few minutes to check the California Geological Survey Map to see if your home or work is located in a tsunami zone. Even if you don’t live in a location with tsunamis, you may visit a place that is affected by them. Check out the map before you travel as well!

Type in your desired address and zoom in for details.

Map of Humboldt county

If you’re from the North Coast, we also have detailed brochures for many towns and communities across Del Norte, Humboldt and Mendocino Counties. Check them out! 

Tsunami Hazard Maps


Add a 4th step to your ShakeOut drill this year! Tsunami Walk is an opportunity to practice your tunami preparedness. Identify where you are relative to tsunami zones, and plan what you would do if one were to occur.

After you practice ShakeOut, walk your tsunami evacuation route. The more we practice the better off we’ll be! 

Join us as we walk one of the evacuation routes for the community of Manila on the North Spit.

Tsunami Evacuation Route from the Manila Community Center


Preparedness steps for earthquakes and tsunamis

Always remember to evacuate safely! Watch for debris or items that can hurt you, avoid downed power lines, have illumination on hand to light your way, and remember to grab your shoes and emergency kit. Practicing this drill will help to build your muscle memory and confidence during an earthquake and tsunami. 

Share this message with your family and friends. You can learn how to practice your drill in 13 different languages!

Talk With Your Kids About Earthquake & Tsunami Safety

Get your kids involved in your planning! This is a family friendly event that can be used to help calm nerves or anxiety over earthquakes and tsunamis. A family that practices together is a prepared family. 

Preparing Your Children for Earthquakes and Tsunamis

 Check out our tools below for ideas on how to get your kids involved. We have activities designed for many age groups!

Kindergarden - 2nd Grade

3rd - 5th Grade

6th - 8th Grade

9th - 12th Grade 

children practicing their drill


Earthquake & Tsunami Safety for Tourists

Keep in mind, you may vacation in areas that are vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis. Make sure you’re prepared for your travels!

To learn more about how to prepare for tsunamis while on your travels, visit our Tsunamis for Tourists page. 

Tsunamis for Tourists