Living on Shaky Ground Magazine

Living on Shaky Ground is our magazine about how to prepare for earthquakes and tsunamis.

This handbook explains how you can prepare for, survive, and recover from earthquakes and tsunamis. It also describes what you can do today to save lives, reduce injuries, and minimize damage.

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Highlights from the Magazine:

Seven Steps 


Step 1: Identifying Hazards & How to Fix Them
  • Identify items that may fall, topple or slide
  • Secure potentially hazardous and valuable items
  • Determine if you live, work or play in a tsunami hazard zone
Step 2: Create a Disaster Preparedness Plan
  • Collect critical supplies
  • Sign up for emergency alerts
  • Special considerations: Children, elderly, pets, and livestock.
Step 3: Organize Disaster Supplies
  • Create kits for home, work, and car
  • Be prepared to be isolated for at least a week
Step 4: Minimize Financial Hardships
  • Identify weaknesses in your building and fix them
  • Consider earthquake and/or flood insurance


Step 5: Drop, Cover, and Hold On
  • DROP to the floor
  • TAKE COVER under a sturdy table or desk
  • HOLD ON until the shaking stops
Step 6: Improve Safety
  • If you are in a tsunami hazard zone, immediately WALK to higher ground or inland away from coast
  • Check for injuries and damage


Step 7: Reconnect and Restore
  • If you evacuated coastal areas—stay away until officials permit you to return
  • Be in communication—use your radio for info
  • Expect aftershocks—some may be large enough to do additional damage